With innovative solutions and efficiency, we create a sustainable business impact across industries and functions. We aim to satisfy the ever evolving need for trained talent, management, solutions, products, tools in the analytical space.


Insight. Innovation. Impact.

Enable innovative analytical decisioning and learning, with solutions to create sustained business impact across the customer lifecycle.


As a company, we believe in working hard and having fun while we are at it. Our passion drives us to dream big. We channel our talent towards achieving our goals by inspiring innovation through freedom of thought and creativity. While in the pursuit of excellence, we make sure that our integrity and ethical foundation is intact.

Honesty, determination and perseverance form the core of our value system. Our versatile talent pool fulfils our value proposition by taking on fresh challenges and delivering solutions that are achieved through a blend of skill and intuition. Understanding consumer mindset is our stepping stone towards providing scientific solutions for sustainable business impact.

I'm so excited to learn the concepts and applications of predictive modeling and text mining through TreasureHunt. In the past I've done online courses on data science but all these courses fail to coach on the real world scenarios. TreasureHunt teaches the concepts through industry based examples which makes a big difference. - Analytics Learner | “WOW, this is amazing; I love the simulations, even I can understand them!” - Chief Operating Officer for CDO of Large Global Insurance Company | “I no longer need to invest significant sums in other proprietary tools!” - Head of Database Marketing, Mid-Sized European Bank | “Analyttica Starts where ALL Other platforms end!” - Head of Analytics CoE, Large Global Bank | “This platform will help put in all my campaign analyses into one place that can be used consistently across analysts and senior management and help me mitigate risk” - Chief Risk Officer, Medium-Sized US Lender | “This will not only help build my global analytics CoE in Risk, but enable consolidation of my ten-odd tools that I have into one, and remove significant talent dependencies!” - Head of Risk Innovation, Large European/Asian Bank | “Absolutely Amazing! You are way ahead of where the market is!” - Director of Analytics, Large University for Analytics in Asia | “This platform has immense potential, especially if Analyttica can establish it in the evolving regulatory and compliance market in Financial Services!” - Former CEO of Global Brokerage Firm | “I have never seen anything like this!” - Former CEO of Large Global Bank | Analyttica TreasureHuntTM - Finalist at InTech50!