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Our environment is built to support our evolving ideas and innovative solutions, so that we can deliver what we promise.We have standardized and automated our processes to ensure efficiency. Through our strong internal measurement system, we constantly assess our costs and impact. Our application servers are fast, dynamic, and secure, with the latest tools, techniques, and firewalls. We have proprietary algorithms derived from our vast experiences to enable fast deployment. Our offices are built to modern standards with full safety precautions.   Our global reach enables us to source the best talent from premier schools across the world and we further enhance their skills through our quality in-house training programs. Our global experience helps us break language barriers and time zone constraints.   All these crucial elements of our company come together to provide innovative and ground-breaking solutions that complement your business needs.
Amratha C , HR

I am glad to be a part of Analyttica, where there is always a positive wok environment. Everyone around you is working for the same goal and You feel like you are part of rapidly growing company  and making a true impact . Being a member of Analyttica - a startup, you are expected to create a lot of things from the ground up and wear different hats. One has a lot of autonomy, learning and responsibility here. Management respects employees, their efforts and interacts about with the team about companies’ strategies, current scenario’s, challenges and strengths. An employee performance is not only reviewed by competencies, but also on the mindset and his efforts. Employees are always motivated at work through Rewards and Recognition programs, periodical performance review’s , celebration of service anniversaries,  employee friendly policies, reviewing the suggestion of employees for company betterment etc. Celebrating birthdays to TGIF, there is a lot of fun here.

Charuchandra , Senior Test Engineer

I am immensely grateful to Analyttica for having me as an integral part of the QA team, the teams here work cohesively and are most helpful and proactive, they have provided invaluable support to me in understanding the specialist areas of Data Science and come to pace in a flash. The management here makes an effort to understand and adapt to our culture instead of trying to change our culture, they understand the employee's need and how we go about doing things and they are flexible to adapt to it. The organization is keen on providing far sighted and long term solutions for ever growing business driven customer needs.

Akash Patel , Senior Analyst

Working here (In client services team) is challenging which puts more responsibilities on individuals. No rigid & existing structure of doing things, flat hierarchy, flexible work timings, and openness in the working environment are some of the advantages of Analyttica over other similar firms. Being a relatively small company, It’s driven by very experienced and passionate people, which has seen its growth trajectory way up north and as a result growth of all the employees on personal level.

Pallavi Goswami , Senior Analyst

The experience of working with Analyttica is such that you can avail an array of opportunities, be a part of flat structured organization and leverage flexibility in your work style, all at the same time.

Shilpi Jain , Asst. Vice President

‘The best thing about Analyttica is the opportunity to learn and grow. I find Analyttica a very determined start-up and within this determination I find myself striving along with the company to achieve more and reach greater heights . Also, the flexibility and work-life balance it provides to female employees is really great and motivates to contribute more in the company’s growth’.

I'm so excited to learn the concepts and applications of predictive modeling and text mining through TreasureHunt. In the past I've done online courses on data science but all these courses fail to coach on the real world scenarios. TreasureHunt teaches the concepts through industry based examples which makes a big difference. - Analytics Learner | “WOW, this is amazing; I love the simulations, even I can understand them!” - Chief Operating Officer for CDO of Large Global Insurance Company | “I no longer need to invest significant sums in other proprietary tools!” - Head of Database Marketing, Mid-Sized European Bank | “Analyttica Starts where ALL Other platforms end!” - Head of Analytics CoE, Large Global Bank | “This platform will help put in all my campaign analyses into one place that can be used consistently across analysts and senior management and help me mitigate risk” - Chief Risk Officer, Medium-Sized US Lender | “This will not only help build my global analytics CoE in Risk, but enable consolidation of my ten-odd tools that I have into one, and remove significant talent dependencies!” - Head of Risk Innovation, Large European/Asian Bank | “Absolutely Amazing! You are way ahead of where the market is!” - Director of Analytics, Large University for Analytics in Asia | “This platform has immense potential, especially if Analyttica can establish it in the evolving regulatory and compliance market in Financial Services!” - Former CEO of Global Brokerage Firm | “I have never seen anything like this!” - Former CEO of Large Global Bank | Analyttica TreasureHuntTM - Finalist at InTech50!