Customer Analytics

Analyttica's experience with customer behavior, combined with skills in uncovering the immense potential of customer data helps partners acquire, engage and retain their customers in a suitable and optimal manner. The customer-centric solutions are many across the customer lifecycle within a product line, including:

  • Customer level PnL (across products and channels)
  • Customer lifetime valuation
  • Customer 360 degree view
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Retention strategy
  • Cross-sell/Up-sell
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer survey and sentiment study
  • Servicing strategy
  • Customer lifecycle analysis, etc.

Marketing Investment Optimization Above-the-Line Channels

An integral component of Analyttica's strong Marketing Analytics capabilities is the ability to create high financial impact while enabling optimization of investments for above-the-line marketing campaigns (Pull Strategies like Advertising, TV/Radio/Print/Cinema/Digital, etc) designed for partners.

Analyttica offer end-to-end analytics and automated solutions in this area - from reporting to competitive studies, generating insights on historical media spend, channel attribution analysis, and media-mixed modeling/forecasting for investment optimization.

Analyttica further offers to integrate this with below-the-line marketing investment optimization strategies and thus create a top-down complete marketing investment optimization portfolio of actions over time.

Marketing Investment Optimization: Below-the-Line Channels

One of Analyttica's core strengths lies in the area of optimization of marketing investment/spend in customer direct contact channels.

Analyttica offers expertise in the following:

  • Below the line campaign analytics encompassing business KPI standardization.
  • PnL management analytics.
  • Measurement, forecasting and optimization for campaigns via multiple direct contact marketing channels across the customer lifecycle of acquisition, existing customer management, and retention, etc.
With multiple decades of experience in this area, Analyttica has proficiency to design, develop, execute and track marketing campaigns using Design of Experiments to create 'Test and Learn' frameworks that can be readily leveraged to newer areas within the business or across.

Analyttica further offers to integrate this with above-the-line marketing investment optimization strategies and thus create a top-down complete marketing investment optimization portfolio of actions over time.

Product Strategy

Analyttica offers an array of highly insightful product-related analytical solutions that can help partners differentiate themselves and compete in their industry. Product-specific analytical solutions include:

  • Product level PnL.
  • Competitive benchmarking.
  • Analysis and enhancement of product value proposition.
  • Survey analytics.
  • Critical data-driven insights for New Product/Value Proposition Development.
  • Pricing strategies.
  • Planning and Forecasting.
  • Performance tracking, etc.

Rewards/Loyalty Analytics

Loyalty programs are an integral component of almost all customer-facing businesses. Analyttica offers expertise with Rewards Analytics, which can create positive short and long-term financial impact for partners by deepening their customer engagement through loyalty programs. The analytical solutions in this space include:

  • Creation/refinement of rewards program dynamics.
  • Understanding earn and burn (redemption) patterns.
  • Historical study of rewards engagement of customers.
  • Design, development, execution and tracking rewards specific marketing campaigns.
  • Optimization of cost for redemption rewards.
  • Reserve forecasting and optimization.
  • Understanding of rewards lifecycle engagement of customers, etc.

Channel Analytics

Analyttica specializes in direct marketing analytics wherein the partners are provided with advanced analytical solutions that allow them to contact and service their customers better. This, in turn, drives long term value and engagement, comprising of solutions ranging along the entire analytics continuum: from deep-dive into existing channels of contact, to developing a fully-optimized contact strategy, with offer-palette optimization.

Analyttica utilizes customer experience data from call-centers and other channels to develop customer touchpoint/preferred channel analysis, service channel optimization, voice of customer analyses, product-channel palette optimization, and customer journey analysis.

Digital Analytics

Analyttica has strong expertise in analysing structured and unstructured data coming through both internal (website, customer portal, e-mails), and external (social media, blogs, articles) digital channels.

This enables Analyttica to maximize the value of data by integrating the same with data coming from other channels, leveraging the broad experience and domain expertise of Analyttica Subject Matter Experts (Multi/Omni-Channel Analytics).

Text (Unstructured Data) Analytics & Social Media Integration

Analyttica offers the capability to analyse text/unstructured data coming through both internal (surveys, complaints, interactions) and external (social media, blogs, articles) sources, using best-in-class algorithms.

This provides partners with the potential to unlock the value of data by integrating the same with transaction (structured) data, leveraging our extensive experience and domain expertise in understanding and interpreting customer behavior.

Examples include:

  • Net Promoter Score analysis with key drivers.
  • Sentiment analysis from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Interpretation of customer surveys for utilization in product development.
  • Value Proposition enhancement and Pricing strategy, etc.