What We Do

Provide Industry Expertise and Advanced Analytical Solutions

With a balanced blend of Science and Art, we provide advanced analytical/statistical consulting and solutions across industries, while leveraging business-integrated analytical skills, to maximise business growth, and impact.

Analyttica's core strength is it's valued and highly experienced team of domain professionals, with multiple years of industry experience, leveraging their proprietary and proven frameworks along the customer lifecycle to enable our partners. As a focus area, we are experts in Consumer Banking PnL driven analytical solutions across the globe.

Immerse Global Knowledge across Analytical Professionals

We provide our partners with active knowledge immersion platforms to train and grow their analytical teams, and be extremely efficient about standardising and transferring analytical projects across markets, through active knowledge management frameworks, proprietary to Analyttica.

Such active immersion of analytical work across teams results in exponentially high productivity and leverage. Moreover, talent attrition has little impact since knowledge is retained permanently.

Turn Analytical Frameworks into Technology Enabled Solutions

We help small and mid-sized businesses leverage experienced analytical talent and solutions to realise the benefits of data analytics for business impact, through a blend of functional (analytical) expertise, domain (industry) knowledge, and technology enabled automated solutions.

Such repeatable solutions provide high business impact to small and mid-sized companies with a much greater RoI, as do larger companies which invest in key analytical talent. This enables small and medium enterprises full scalability to compete locally and globally.

Train Analytics Professionals via Simulation based Platform

Analyttica enables technology-based experiential training solutions through real-life simulations created by industry experts and data scientists on real data.

Our partners enable analytical training to their global employees through our patent-pending simulation based learn-by-doing approach, with their own data and business challenges to be solved. This results in contextual and highly applied form of learning with retention levels that are exponentially higher in the industry.

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