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ATH Precision
A Powerful Ecosystem
for Business Integrated

ATH Precision Ecosystem

Contextualization within an ecosystem enables stakeholders to formulate an approach towards problem solving. They can leverage insights from the past and can easily convert a business problem into an analytical problem.


Connectivity with in an ecosystem enables stakeholders to connect with datasets in any form and from any source. It simultaneously prepares the solution for deployment, without investing extra time or effort.


Collaboration is fostered between different stakeholders, efficiently and effectively, as well as with the machine. Different users enable a continuous workflow irrespective of their personal capacity or capability.


Institutionalization with in an ecosystem offers to retain and preserve the knowledge that has been created during an analytics journey, knowledge that be referred to in future to contextualize.

The Precision Ecosystem

The four pillars of the precision ecosystem enable a smooth and interactive journey amongst different stakeholders. An unrestricted and uninterrupted work flow is maintained where there are active interactions in terms of knowledge sharing, input contribution and data connectivity.

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Features & 

Data Ingestion

API enabled microservices design facilitates automatic connectivity and ingestion of data irrespective of the volume, veracity, velocity, or variety of data.


Preserves entire user journey at an atomic level, and accessible to stakeholders for future contextualization and audit readiness.

Custom Functions in
R and Python

Unrestricted access to the most adopted programming languages such as R and Python. One can seamlessly toggle between the two and arrive at efficient solutions.

600+ Inbuilt Functions

Identified, curated, tested and ingested by data science experts. Apply data science in a code free, tool agnostic and point n click manner.

Agile Work Space

Analysts and business users can collaborate and access work flow sequentially and simultaneously, without interrupting the work flow

Expected Soon

Project Access
Across Groups

Owner team of a project can grant access to different teams to share the knowledge in a templatized form, as well as gain inputs or experience from them

Automatic Recommendations

Basis the data imported, machine can recommend an analytical plan, can suggest most relevant machine learning techniques.

Invitation To
Project Webinars

Machine will prompt a webinar at an organisation level for the project shortlisted as gold class. Project owners can chose to accept or decline.

Project Convert
To Contest

Gold class projects can be converted into masked templates to conduct competition. Automatic prompt as wrong or right for every step being run.

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